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Abandoning or Neglecting Salaat

98624 - His wife does not pray and she disobeys him in a lot of things. What is the ruling concerning her? How should he deal with her? 95588 - His father denies that prayer is obligatory and reviles the Sahaabah. What is the ruling concerning him, and how should he interact with him? 85669 - Condition of saying Bismillaah in order for meat to be halaal 67113 - Can they offer the funeral prayer over one who did not pray for fear of fitnah that may result if they do not do it? 89722 - He used to miss some prayers – does he have to renew the marriage contract? 83165 - When is a person regarded as neglecting prayer, and what is the ruling on him? 91411 - He has repented from not praying and fasting; does he have to make up what he missed? 65605 - It is difficult for him to pray qiyaam because of his work situation and because he is a heavy sleeper 72245 - The difference between a Jewish or Christian wife and a wife who does not pray 72216 - He does not remember the number of prayers and fasts that he owes. What should he do? 50508 - He does not pray and he lives with his girlfriend; he wants to repent and marry her 14231 - Some of the rulings on apostasy and apostates 40111 - Doing righteous deeds when one is careless about prayer 38106 - His boss doesn’t let him pray 22828 - Is it permissible to pray on behalf of someone who does not pray? 10292 - He hears the call to prayer but he does not respond 22448 - He committed adultery with a woman and she married someone else, and the adulterer wants to marry her 12467 - Ruling on marriage contract with one who was not praying then Allaah guided him 10914 - He goes back to sleep after waking without praying 9558 - He uttered the Shahaadatayn but he does not do any of the obligatory duties