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Making Up Missed Prayers

197798 - Ruling on putting prayers together and shortening them when not travelling 198233 - She is confused about purity following menses; what should she do? 150069 - She used to pray but she was not aware of the obligation of ghusl after menses 145290 - She stopped praying when she was sick, then she died; do her heirs have to do anything? 146190 - Her nifaas (postpartum bleeding) continued for nine months and she did not pray during that time 97501 - They lived under Communist rule and did not know anything about praying and fasting; do they have to make it up? 49019 - In what order missed prayers should be made up 146713 - Is it prescribed to make up the regular Sunnah prayers that should be offered before and after Zuhr by offering them after ‘Asr because of an excuse? 20340 - Expiation for not praying 115532 - He used not to do ghusl for janaabah out of ignorance; should he make up the prayers? 81586 - She thought that she was in nifaas following a miscarriage so she did not fast or pray 114233 - Making up the Sunnah prayer that is done before Zuhr 21616 - Should he pray the present prayer or the prayer he missed? 111783 - How can he make up for missed prayers? 102504 - She did not know that madhiy invalidates wudoo’; should she repeat the prayers? 96871 - It is mustahabb to pray in congregation when making up missed prayers 96463 - If he remembers a missed prayer during the current prayer or after finishing it 95220 - He was not able to pray before he died; can prayers be offered on his behalf? 87760 - She had an operation and offered several prayers without having purified herself and without facing the qiblah 72828 - Should Duha prayer be made up if the time for it has ended?