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Times of Prayers

221295 - How should the person who lives in a country where the time between dawn and sunrise is long fast and pray? 101446 - How should a surgeon pray when the times for prayer are close together in the winter? 135415 - Timing of ‘Isha’ prayer in regions where the red afterglow (or twilight) does not disappear until very late 171242 - He wants to put the prayers together on a permanent basis because he works at night 93160 - The true time of Fajr 26763 - The time of Fajr and mistakes in some timetables 20712 - He cannot perform the prayer on time because of his work. What should he do? 139757 - They differ concerning the timings of the prayer; who should they follow? 129636 - Which is the middle prayer? 81421 - Prayer and fasting of a prisoner who does not know anything about time 26270 - If a person cannot find water, is it better for him to delay his prayer or to pray at the beginning of the time? 109254 - Times when it is forbidden to offer voluntary prayers 111522 - Her menses started after the time for Zuhr began; should she make it up when her period is over? 5709 - The times of the prayers are close together in the North – is it permissible to put them together? 103186 - The people in his mosque pray Fajr before the proper time; should he pray with them? 106319 - Difference in the timing of Fajr and Maghrib prayers in Bahrain and Dammam 96836 - How can he catch up with the time of prayer? 102449 - How can he know the times of prayer when he is on board the plane? 101853 - Should he wake his family for Fajr prayer even though they are exhausted and tired? 93148 - Question from China about the time of iftaar