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Call for prayer

148205 - Why are there two adhaans for Jumu‘ah? 111893 - Is it prescribed to repeat the phrases of the iqaamah twice? 134108 - At what point should one stand up when hearing the iqaamah? 169504 - Ruling on giving the adhaan in a language other than Arabic 101582 - Which is more important, repeating the word of the adhaan or hastening to break the fast? 147210 - Is it Sunnah for the one who is praying alone to recite the adhaan, and should he say “al-salaatu khayrun min al-nawm (prayer is better than sleep)”? 147629 - Is it permissible to say the iqaamah for prayer sitting when he is able to stand? 149053 - Responding to the muezzin is better than reading Qur’aan 147898 - Ruling on the muezzin taking a few steps whilst reciting the adhaan 69852 - The electrical current was cut off, then it was restored; should the adhaan be repeated? 148871 - Ruling on responding to the adhaan recorded on the al-Fajr clock 146964 - Ruling on receiving a salary for giving the adhaan 146674 - Adhaan and iqaamah for one who is praying alone 146651 - The adhaan should be given in every mosque in which prayer is established 147123 - The words of the muezzin, “Prayer is better than sleep” (al-salaatu khayrun min al-nawm) 146921 - If a man or a woman pray at home, should they say the adhaan and iqaamah for prayer? 142973 - Is it permissible to listen to the adhaan at times other than the times of prayer? 142863 - Is it permissible for the muezzin to give the adhaan whilst seated? 10078 - Ruling on the adhaan (call to prayer) 22646 - Sending blessings upon the Prophet (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him) when the iqaamah is pronounced