Rulings on Mosques

45611 - Ruling on following the imam from outside the mosque or following a prayer by listening to the radio 40241 - Charging one’s mobile phone from the electricity in the Haram 138975 - Ban on women wearing perfume outside the house 33649 - Menstruating women entering the mosque to listen to the khutbah 21960 - What is the reason why the grave of the Prophet (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him) was incorporated into the mosque? 148748 - Ruling on placing death notices on the board in the mosque 21538 - The virtue of cleaning the mosque 136661 - Prayer rooms (musallas) in houses and businesses do not come under the same rulings as mosques 130887 - It is haraam to bury the dead inside mosques 118843 - Ruling on staying overnight in the mosque and teaching children and feeding them there 118685 - Does the imam’s room or office come under the same rulings as the mosque and should one pray tahiyyat al-masjid in it? 128576 - Can a menstruating woman sit in a mosque in which Jumu’ah prayers are not held? 127781 - Can a boy be sent back from the first row if he joins it? 112046 - Ruling on bringing books which contain images into the mosque 115946 - Can the mosque’s money be given to repair the imam's house? 26312 - Ruling on building mosques over graves 108273 - Sitting in a mosque with one's feet towards the qiblah 10268 - Praying in musallas 109203 - Is it mustahabb to use the siwaak when entering the mosque? 126921 - Ruling on building a mosque close to a non-Muslim graveyard