Rulings on Mosques

124812 - Does the multiplied reward for prayers apply only to the mosque of the Ka’bah or does it include the entire Haram (sanctuary)? 121576 - Ruling on praying in Sufi mosques 109207 - Is it permissible for the kaafir to enter the mosque to listen to a lecture? 105374 - Ruling on putting advertisements in the mosque 122224 - Does janaazah prayer in al-Haram al-Makki bring a multiple reward? 20655 - What is the distance within which it is obligatory to pray in the mosque? 112062 - Is it permissible to remove the innovators from the mosque? 117758 - If a person takes someone in front of him as a sutrah then that person moves away, should he move to a nearby sutrah? 116955 - There is nothing wrong with leaving the mosque after the adhaan to go and pray in another mosque 22355 - If boys reach the first row before older people, they are more entitled to it 99216 - How should they deal with an imam who disobeys Allaah in the mosque? What is the ruling on their praying behind him? 111902 - Should women be prevented from taking their children to the mosque? 110061 - The green dome in Madeenah: its history and the ruling on its construction and on leaving it as it is 102757 - The mahr of al-hoor al-‘iyn 106318 - Greeting the Sacred Mosque 34217 - Mobile phones making haraam sounds 98739 - Ruling on praying in congregation at home and the reward for that as compared with the reward for praying in congregation in the mosque 97497 - Adorning mosques and extravagance in building minarets and domes 96101 - Ruling on eating fruits picked from trees in the mosque or its gardens 94877 - Can there be a separate congregation (jamaa’ah) for women when there is a congregation for men?