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Leading Prayer

146489 - Ruling on leading of the prayer by one who cannot recite al-Faatihah well 189400 - Ruling on praying behind someone who promotes democracy and secularism 218026 - Should they pray behind someone who says that Allah is everywhere? 190960 - Is it permissible for women to offer the Eid prayer in congregation, led by one of them? 136385 - Following the imam with regard to doing or omitting recommended actions in the prayer 104111 - Praying behind someone who writes amulets 156199 - Is the wife’s prayer valid if she prays on her own in front of her husband or next to him when he is praying? 159897 - Is exaggerating in beautifying the voice when leading people in prayer regarded as showing off? 145834 - Is the prayer of the person praying behind the imam rendered invalid if the imam’s prayer becomes invalid? 142325 - Meaning of the hadeeth, “The imam is a liable one” 47884 - Ruling on praying behind an evildoer 153386 - Person for whom the prayer is obligatory praying behind one who is offering a naafil prayer 45622 - Ruling on the imam saying to the congregation, “Pray Pray like a man bidding farewell” 46557 - Praying behind an imam who commits some sins 26152 - Questions about an imam 130879 - There is nothing wrong with a person who has done tayammum leading in prayer people who have done wudoo' 70270 - Is it valid to pray behind one who makes grammatical mistakes when he recites Qur’aan? 128454 - Is it Sunnah for the muezzin to pray directly behind the imam? 112016 - If the imam says Qunoot in Fajr prayer silently, should he say Qunoot or remain silent? 120669 - Ruling on saying Ameen before the imam