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Leading Prayer

21009 - One who comes into the mosque joining one who has stood up to complete the rak’ahs he missed 120670 - What should the person praying behind an imam do if he recites a verse in which there is a sajdah (prostration)? 27049 - The imaam was accused of reciting Qur’aan incorrectly; what is the status of past prayers? 108337 - Which is regarded as the first row when some people pray next to the imam? 126085 - The Imam misses Fajr prayer and argues with them about money issues 12285 - Praying behind someone who works in a riba-based bank 126348 - It is makrooh for the imam to single himself out in joint supplication to the exclusion of the people praying behind him 122701 - His voice is beautiful but he recites Qunoot in Fajr every Friday; should I pray Taraweeh behind him? 20271 - If there are two who came late to the prayer can one of them be an imam and lead the other? 112072 - Is it permissible for the muezzin to be the imam? 118860 - What should a person do if it is too hard for him when the imam prostrates for a long time? 99216 - How should they deal with an imam who disobeys Allaah in the mosque? What is the ruling on their praying behind him? 106431 - Should he pray behind one who did not wash his hands again when he washed his arms in wudoo’? 103303 - Did it ever happen that the Prophet (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him) started to pray when he was junub by mistake? 75977 - When is it prescribed for the person praying behind the imam to say the tasleem to his right? 102711 - Ruling on praying behind one who claims to read palms and coffee cups 94019 - Can he be alone with a woman to lead her in prayer? 70305 - Ruling on praying behind someone who smokes 93150 - Praying behind a sufi imam 77065 - Appointing someone else to take over as imam during the prayer