Congregational Prayer

158560 - It is obligatory to straighten the rows and make them complete (by filling any gaps) when praying 210911 - She has a number of questions about the ruling on a woman praying in al-Masjid al-Haraam and nearby dwellings 175517 - He does not pray Fajr in the mosque because he is afraid of the stray dogs 136385 - Following the imam with regard to doing or omitting recommended actions in the prayer 199245 - Ruling on a child standing in the row with adults in congregational prayer 189426 - If a person misses ‘Isha’ prayer, can he pray Taraweeh with the imam, with the intention of praying ‘Isha’? 115117 - Can a person who has a cold or a cough be prevented from attending prayers in congregation for fear of harm and infection? 177352 - Should he pray in the mosque where there are some innovations or in the prayer-room in his building? 181122 - Unable to Recite al-Faatihah Due to Imam’s Speedy Recitation; Should He Pray Behind Him? 177605 - The imam rushes through the prayer; can he pray at home with his sister in jamaa‘ah? 166788 - He entered the mosque and prayed on his own then left before the prayer in congregation 167317 - Praying with tayammum is better than praying with a previous wudoo’ done using water when one is desperate to relieve oneself 145834 - Is the prayer of the person praying behind the imam rendered invalid if the imam’s prayer becomes invalid? 142325 - Meaning of the hadeeth, “The imam is a liable one” 46524 - Is it permissible for a man to lead one woman in prayer? 33582 - If the iqaamah is given when he is praying naafil 33790 - Following the imam in prayer 34593 - Can we testify that a man is a believer if he regularly attends prayers in the mosque? 40299 - Should a traveller offer the prayers in shortened form in his house or pray in congregation in the mosque? 146193 - Women praying in the musalla to the right of the men