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Congregational Prayer

108337 - Which is regarded as the first row when some people pray next to the imam? 13678 - How should one person who is following the imaam stand in relation to the imaam? 49037 - How should one who has caught up with the congregation in the last rak’ah of Maghrib complete his prayer? 12585 - The member of the congregation has to follow his imam with regard to matters that are subject to ijtihaad 40113 - Ruling on prayer in congregation for men 124194 - Non-traveller praying behind a imam who is a traveller 118870 - The Imam’s saying: “Allah does not look at a crooked row” 109209 - Should he stop praying in the mosque because he fears for himself? 38521 - Loudspeakers should not be used outside the mosque for the prayer 79136 - Praying ‘Isha’ behind someone who is praying Taraweeh or Witr 34160 - Bringing worshippers closer together so as to join them in the row 20655 - What is the distance within which it is obligatory to pray in the mosque? 118041 - If he enters the mosque when the imam has stood up from bowing, what should he say? 103303 - Did it ever happen that the Prophet (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him) started to pray when he was junub by mistake? 106252 - He works as an accountant and does not pray in congregation occasionally because of that 99471 - He fell asleep and missed prayer in congregation 98739 - Ruling on praying in congregation at home and the reward for that as compared with the reward for praying in congregation in the mosque 98333 - His father does not pray unless he prays with him – should he pray at home for his sake? 75879 - Attending prayers in congregation in a mosque where women are uncovered when doing wudoo’ 97516 - They delay Zuhr prayer – should he pray with them or pray by himself?