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Congregational Prayer

75844 - Is there a concession allowing one who is newly married not to pray in congregation? 21976 - Making du’aa’ after the obligatory prayers is bid’ah 89609 - How can she save her deceased grandfather from the sin of consuming other people’s wealth? 94877 - Can there be a separate congregation (jamaa’ah) for women when there is a congregation for men? 72559 - Meaning of the hadeeth: “Whoever prays Fajr will be under the protection of Allaah” 93369 - Women in a house next to the mosque following the imam of the mosque in prayer 89774 - He has a medical problem in his nose – should he stop praying in congregation? 82934 - Should the worshippers stand up when they hear the iqaamah or in the middle of it or at the end of it? 91666 - The imam recited a verse where a prostration is required and did not prostrate, but the person praying behind him prostrated and missed the rukoo’ (bowing) 87847 - Ruling on holding a second congregational prayer in the mosque 87735 - Should he pray behind someone who says that it is not obligatory for women to cover their hair? 85125 - He has polio and he does not pray in congregation sometimes 89676 - He lives in Europe and the mosque is far from his house; can he pray at home? 85011 - He led the people in prayer when he did not have wudoo’, by mistake 72895 - Their boss does not let them offer prayer in congregation in the mosque 82278 - He did not pray in congregation because he was afraid that it would delay healing of his feet 78966 - He insists that his wife go out to pray ‘Isha’ and Taraweeh whilst he stays with his daughter 38606 - Naafil prayers in congregation 83110 - If the imam breaks his wudoo’ or remembers that he broke his wudoo’ whilst praying, it is permissible for him to appoint someone to lead the prayer for him 72199 - Two people entered the mosque and there was only space for one person left in the front row