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Congregational Prayer

36855 - Ruling on women praying in the mosque when they cannot see the imam or the men praying behind him 79122 - Can women pray alongside men with a barrier? 72398 - They pray in congregation at home 71173 - A son argues with his parents about food and prayer 65783 - He does not pray in congregation because of his work 65605 - It is difficult for him to pray qiyaam because of his work situation and because he is a heavy sleeper 71177 - He was praying a naafil prayer, then some other people prayed behind him, so he changed his intention to make it an obligatory prayer 36881 - The obligation to make the rows straight in prayer and the meaning thereof 46811 - Joining the imam in any position 60375 - Can prayers be led by one who is suffering from urinary incontinence? 60259 - His father does not let him pray Fajr in the mosque – should he obey him? 75156 - If he catches up with the imam when he is bowing, what should he do? 36801 - It is makrooh to interlace one's fingers when going out to pray, until one has prayed 66017 - The Sunnah is for the imam to be in line with the middle of the row 67672 - What is the reason why Qur’aan is recited out loud in some prayers and silently in others? 67797 - Will a person attain the reward of being in the first row even if there is only one row in the mosque? 66074 - Can a person who has incontinence pray with the congregation? 38890 - Is it permissible to step over people in order to go back to one’s spot? 41731 - Prohibition on stepping over people who are sitting in the mosque on Friday 40598 - Praying Maghrib behind one who is praying ‘Isha’