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Voluntary Prayers

60180 - The bid’ah of salaat al-raghaa’ib 146713 - Is it prescribed to make up the regular Sunnah prayers that should be offered before and after Zuhr by offering them after ‘Asr because of an excuse? 65746 - There is no Sunnah prayer after the fard prayer of Fajr 32732 - Is there a text that limits “greeting the mosque” to the first three rows of the mosque? 146871 - She cannot pray tahajjud because her baby daughter cries; will she be rewarded? 143240 - Is there any difference between tahajjud and qiyaam al-layl? 49610 - He started to observe a naafil (supererogatory) fast then he was invited to eat and he ate 26201 - It is better for workers to hasten to pray when they hear the adhaan 45268 - How to offer the daytime four-rak’ah prayers 21170 - He wants to pray the obligatory prayers only and not the naafil prayers 32577 - When does the time for Witr end? 46544 - Ways of offering Witr prayer that are narrated in the reports 109311 - He wants to offer naafil prayers after praying Zuhr and ‘Asr in ‘Arafah 32667 - Lying down after praying two rak’ahs of Fajr 125478 - Du’aa’ whilst reading Qur'aan 9360 - There is no adhaan or iqaamah for naafil prayers 22209 - It is better to offer naafil prayers at home 120061 - Ruling on a pamphlet with the title: “House available, do not miss out, overlooking three things” 105358 - Interrupting naafil prayer and naafil tawaaf in order to offer the funeral prayer 108278 - Which is better: praying qiyaam or reading Qur’aan?