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Night Prayer

81146 - He led his wife and children in praying qiyaam al-layl and did not recite out loud 106530 - Going around to different mosques looking for a beautiful voice 106526 - Paying attention to the weak such as the elderly and others in Taraweeh prayers 79593 - Taraweeh prayer for one who is travelling 106462 - Women taking their children to the mosque with them for taraweeh prayer 82307 - The ahaadeeth about the virtue of praying qiyaam all the nights of the week are false 69670 - Reading from the Mus-haf in Taraweeh prayer 93229 - Praying Taraweeh despite brownish discharge 93051 - Reading du’aa’s from pieces of paper when praying qiyaam 82152 - What was the number of rak’ahs in Taraweeh prayer at the time of ‘Umar ibn al-Khattab (may Allaah be pleased with him)? 66742 - Can the person praying behind the imam read something from the Mushaf other than what the imam is reciting? 36793 - Ruling on negligence in performing Witr prayer 66133 - Making the second rak’ah long and the first rak’ah short 46959 - Ruling on saying du’aa’ after each two rak’ahs of Taraweeh 69902 - He recites the last verses of Soorat al-Baqarah in Witr prayer 65702 - She wants to pray tahajjud at the end of the night – should she pray Witr with the imam in Taraweeh? 65965 - Can women gather in the house of one of their number to offer Taraweeh prayer? 65562 - Can the same soorah be repeated in prayer? 39682 - What is the best night to pray qiyaam if you can only do that once each month? 49898 - Conditions of women going out to the mosque