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Poor-due or obligatory charity

105300 - Zakaah is obligatory upon the lender, not on the borrower 105293 - Zakaah on money that is available from a loan from the real estate fund 20107 - Paying zakaah via credit card 126595 - Appointing a woman to divide zakaah 9449 - The difference between zakaah and sadaqah 105288 - He gave him zakaah then the poor person gave it to him as a gift. Should he accept it? 79337 - Paying zakaah in the form of goods instead of cash 106284 - Zakaah on currencies if they are collected as a hobby 93701 - Ruling on one who does not pay zakaah 43146 - Is it permissible to transfer zakaah from one country to another? 10246 - When should zakaah be paid? 13981 - It is not permissible to delay zakaah until Ramadaan 43609 - The wisdom behind the prescription of zakaah 97125 - Differences of opinion between husband and wife concerning matters where the scholars differed 99311 - Zakaah on wealth that is held in pledge 99585 - Zakaat al-fitr on behalf of a wife who has been given a revocable divorce (first or second talaaq) 100570 - Should he pay zakaah on the expenses that his father gives to him? 99684 - He did not pay zakaah due to ignorance, and now his money has decreased 99033 - No zakaah is due on money if you are not certain that you will get it. 99257 - The prisoner must pay zakaah on his wealth