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Counselling regarding Relatives

32731 - He is complaining of a problem between his wife and his sisters 21149 - Wife’s family making the husband have doubts about his wife 6388 - To what extent can the husband’s relatives interfere in his wife’s life? 47764 - He does not allow his wife to appear in front of his brothers 34222 - She complained about her friend and her brother has forsaken her 13809 - A man jokes with his mahrams in an obscene fashion 102538 - His father wants him to travel for work and his wife insists on him staying 82453 - His mother makes false accusations against his wife 101022 - His sister gave up her share of the inheritance then she regretted it 26333 - Her sister mistreated her – should she forsake her? 96665 - Reasons why the mother interferes in her married daughter’s life and how to deal with it 85317 - Her husband’s sister is causing problems for them 87815 - Is the son sinning if he refuses to let his mother travel to visit him because he is concerned about her husband and family? 85512 - She shows her adornments before her husband’s brothers 70469 - Should she cut off ties with her family who are trying to lead her astray and are opposed to her becoming righteous? 91868 - She was put under pressure and forced to steal from her maternal aunt 60244 - Is it permissible for him to live with his paternal uncle who has adolescent daughters? 52814 - Is it permissible for her sister’s husband to stay overnight with them in their house? 27152 - Her uncle sexually abused her and this has affected her psychologically 20784 - Dangers of mixing with male cousins and relatives