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On What is Zakaah Due

229995 - Various questions about zakaah 201807 - Can cash be added to gold and silver to complete the nisaab? 174652 - He helped his father in his business; is there any sin on him because of his father’s haraam dealings? 160574 - How should he pay zakaah on his savings from his monthly salary? 169961 - Should he pay zakaah on the profits only or on the capital too? 65763 - There is no zakaah on machinery; zakaah of one who is in debt 172219 - Their father left them some farmland and houses; how should they pay zakaah on them? 171196 - After their mother died they were not sure whether she used to pay zakaah on the basis of weight or estimation; what should they do? 149803 - Is there any zakaah on my advertising business? 159355 - He has property that is rented out, and a piece of land and a salary, and he owes debts. How should he pay zakaah? 32715 - He bought land with the intention of selling it. How should he pay zakaah on it? 146142 - Zakaah on crops cultivated and harvested with machines that need fuel and other expenses 143840 - How should zakaah on wealth belonging to orphans be paid? 26863 - When should a person make the intention to fast, and what if he finds out during the day that Ramadan has begun? 146615 - Is there any zakaah on cars even if they are numerous? 146692 - Does a taxi driver have to pay zakaah? 21247 - He paid a sum of money in advance to buy a car and the delivery was delayed – should he pay zakaah on it? 20057 - Is there any zakaah on their house, shops and jewellery? 11213 - Zakaat on fresh fish 124095 - How should a businessman pay zakaah on goods that are en route to him? Should he subtract debts that he owes from the wealth on which he is going to pay zakaah?