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On What is Zakaah Due

74987 - Is zakaah due on manufacturing equipment? 95880 - Paying zakaah on a fund collected by a group of employees 26236 - Should zakaah on commercial goods be based on the price for which they are bought or the price for which they are to be sold? 125854 - Scholarly views concerning zakaah on debts, and the most correct view 119245 - How to pay zakaah on a farm that was sold by instalments over ten years 31014 - She has gold which she gave to her mother for safekeeping. Should she pay zakaah on it or not? 110144 - He has invested money in the investment fund; how should he pay zakaah? 99400 - Zakaah for past years, and on shares in the event of a loss 43033 - Should zakaah on jewellery be based on the price for new gold or used gold? 50273 - She does not have any wealth apart from jewellery – should she sell some of it in order to pay the zakaah on it? 59866 - Zakaah on jewellery that has been prepared for use 50801 - How should he pay zakaah on savings that are not permanent 105333 - He bought land for the purpose of trading it and has not taken possession of it; does he have to pay zakaah on it? 101584 - If he finds treasure in a kaafir land 98528 - Paying zakaah ahead of time and how to pay zakaah if his money is in the Islamic bank 97442 - Is zakaah due on a retirement pension? 97124 - Zakaah on stagnant real estate shares 93414 - Zakaah on wealth earned during the year 99505 - Zakaah on a bequest 99694 - No zakaah is due on wealth that is endowed for the public interest