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Where Zakaah is to Be Spent

233884 - Is it permissible to give zakaah funds to the imam or mu’adhdhin (muezzin) of the mosque? 145559 - Buying medicine and paying for surgery costs with zakaah funds 111774 - Is it permissible to invest zakaah funds? 212183 - Buying a dialysis machine for a hospital from zakaah funds 210485 - Ruling on helping someone who has repented from riba-based transactions by paying off his loan 209643 - Ruling on spending zakaah funds on starting an Islamic satellite channel 194629 - Can he give his zakaah to his relative who is studying in university and cannot afford the expenses? 130920 - The difference between zakaah and taxes, and the conditions of imposing taxes 130171 - Is it permissible for a husband to give his zakaah to his wife because she has debts? 174734 - Can my rich father take zakaah and spend it on my brother so that he can complete his studies? 146367 - Giving zakaah to one’s mother if her husband does not spend on her 21797 - Printing the Qur’aan is not one of the things that zakaah should be spent on 1816 - Renovating orphan’s property with zakaah money 170811 - Ruling on giving zakaah to one’s mother in law; can he eat from her food that she buys with zakaah money? 157317 - Is it permissible for him to send his mother for Hajj using the zakaah of his wealth? 40023 - Giving zakaah to a poor person so that he can go for Hajj 144649 - If the cash is a little more than the nisaab, does one have to pay zakaah on this additional amount? 145096 - He works in a foreign country and sends his zakaah to his homeland 144650 - It is not prescribed to utter the intention (niyyah) out loud when giving zakaah 144734 - Can gold be added to silver to complete the nisaab?