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Where Zakaah is to Be Spent

146363 - If a poor person is able to do a job that is not befitting for him, can he take zakaah funds? 146362 - Can he send the poor person to collect the debt owed to him and regard that as zakaah? 146249 - He sponsored an orphan; can he give him zakaah? 146364 - Preparing a deceased poor person for burial from zakaah funds 146332 - He is a teacher in a village whose people gave him some olive oil, and he does not know whether it was zakaah or a gift 146239 - Ruling on giving zakaah to a nursing infant who is not yet eating solid food 146241 - Ruling on giving zakaah to a divorced wife 146236 - He took a loan from a riba-based bank; does he have to do pay zakaah on what he borrowed? 155578 - Is it permissible to give zakaah to feed and treat animals? 146368 - Zakaah in the form of prizes for memorising Qur’aan 49899 - He took zakaah to distribute it to the poor – can he take can any of it? 93845 - Can he give zakaat al-fir to his maternal aunt? 146372 - Is it permissible for him to accept zakaah when he has property that is rented out? 144816 - Ruling on giving zakaah to a daughter through breast-feeding 22160 - Can he take from his father’s zakaah to pay off his debt? 81122 - It is not permissible to give zakaah to one on whom you are obliged to spend 128601 - Giving food to fasting people to break the fast using zakaah funds 106540 - Is a brother obliged to spend on his sister? 128635 - Can the employees of the charity accept the share of zakaah that is given to those who are employed to collect it? 39211 - Putting money in the bank, and can hospitals be built with zakaah funds?