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Where Zakaah is to Be Spent

21386 - He is entrusted with some charity funds and his brother owes him money – can he give him some of that charity money? 126075 - He has relatives to whom he gives help and he wants to count it as zakaah 105006 - Can he give his zakaah to his married daughter who is poor as her husband is missing? 105305 - It is permissible for a person to give his zakaah to a relative on whom he is not obliged to spend 126579 - Lending money to a poor person with the intention of getting it back from the people who pay zakaah 126434 - He is studying abroad and his father is not spending on him; can he take social security? 125720 - Can he give sadaqah or zakaah to his sisters who are students and for household expenses? 125481 - Can zakaah funds be used to support Qur’aan reciting contests? 95418 - Giving zakaah to one who is seeking worldly knowledge 121181 - Giving zakaah to students 112754 - Can the family of the Prophet (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him) eat from what is given in voluntary charity? 110137 - Can zakaah be used for da’wah purposes? 111825 - Ruling on zakaah that is paid to the department of zakaah and income tax 112065 - What should he do with the leftover donations? 111864 - Can he give zakaah to one of those who are working for him? 111884 - Can zakaah be given to one who will build a house with it? 98191 - Giving zakaah to a female relative if her son is going to take it and spend it on haraam things 105295 - Can he give his zakaah to his mother through breastfeeding? 102755 - Giving zakaah to a poor woman whose husband does not spend on her 106440 - Giving zakaah to someone without being certain that he is entitled to it