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Conditions for Zakaah Being Obligatory

26716 - Zakaah in Ramadaan – should it be paid on all one’s wealth? 84005 - Does a woman have to pay zakaah on the second part of the dowry? 105318 - If a woman trades her gold for other gold, is the year (for zakaah) interrupted? 98528 - Paying zakaah ahead of time and how to pay zakaah if his money is in the Islamic bank 99381 - If wealth dips below the nisaab during the year 99022 - The kaafir does not have to pay zakaah 95032 - She has children who minors and they have money in the bank – does she have to pay zakaah on it? 88176 - He has some money for university expenses and one full hijri year has passed – does he have to pay zakaah on it? 93251 - What is the ruling on zakaah on saved money? 88757 - Zakaah on money in the bank 89867 - Zakaah on money that is set aside for buying a house 91470 - They are owed something by the company and the judge ruled that they should be compensated – do they have to pay zakaah on it? 88168 - He has some money in a bank account from which he pays his monthly expenses – does he have to pay zakaah on it? 85098 - She has some money and her father does not spend on her; does she have to pay zakaah on it? 71267 - The nisaab of camels, cattle and sheep 75307 - It is obligatory to pay zakaah on the wealth of minors and the insane 47760 - Is zakaah due on rent that has just been received or rent paid when one year has passed? 47088 - He claims that zakaah need not be paid each year 26119 - Making up zakaah from past years 14401 - Does he have to pay zakaah on money which his father is saving for him?