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Charity at End of Ramadan

81122 - It is not permissible to give zakaah to one on whom you are obliged to spend 65739 - Is it permissible for the wife of a man who does not pray to pay zakaat al-fitr on behalf of herself and her children? 109779 - Paying one saa’ of two different foodstuffs as zakaat al-fitr 109734 - Is the zakaat al-fitr that his father paid on his behalf in cash acceptable? 112101 - Voluntarily giving more than a saa’ for zakaat al-fitr 27021 - Should zakaat al-fitr be given to one person, or distributed among several? 99743 - It is permissible to pay zakaat al-fitr in the form of flour 65780 - Paying zakaat al-fitr on behalf of the dead 99353 - The husband does not have to pay fitrah for his wife with whom he has not consummated the marriage 99585 - Zakaat al-fitr on behalf of a wife who has been given a revocable divorce (first or second talaaq) 81178 - It is permissible to give zakaat al-fitr to his wife’s family who are in need 75307 - It is obligatory to pay zakaah on the wealth of minors and the insane 52852 - Is it permissible to distribute zakaah on a monthly basis? Can it be converted into food? 26770 - Is it permissible for a daughter to pay zakaat al-fitr on behalf of her father? 34801 - Adding something extra to zakaat al-fitr 34519 - Paying zakaah on behalf of workers 34766 - He paid zakaat al-fitr on behalf of the foetus then found out that it was twins 34748 - There is a dispute between him and his wife – should he pay zakaat al-fitr on her behalf? 37637 - Zakaat al-Fitr on behalf of kuffaar 27008 - The Jews have detained their husbands – how should they pay Zakaat al-Fitr?