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Charitable donations for the sake of Allah

131590 - How should he handle his wealth and how can he make a profit without incurring the wrath of Allah? 201054 - She made a bequest of some money as a contribution to building a mosque; can the executor of the bequest give it to the poor because they are in need? 175375 - Asking for charity to build a mosque and doing that a great deal 145862 - Ruling on giving wealth in charity before paying off a debt 169965 - Ruling on using donated money to finish preparing the charity organization office 171013 - Giving the living a share of the reward for charity 31771 - “Help us to buy winter blankets” 149910 - Is it permissible for her to give money with the intention of zakaah on her own behalf and ongoing charity (sadaqah jaariyah) on behalf of her father? 170223 - Can he tell a lie in order to conceal his charity? 146237 - Taking back charity before the recipient takes possession of it 146238 - Ruling on giving charity after every sin 146242 - Ruling on one who gives all his wealth in charity 109202 - Can charity be given to one who is able to earn a living? 121361 - Increasing the price of meat so as to raise some money for the mosque 22881 - Ruling on giving everything one owns in charity 9449 - The difference between zakaah and sadaqah 22885 - Charity given during one's lifetime is better 105302 - Can mustahabb charity be given to a non-Muslim? 109301 - Is it better to do a voluntary Hajj or to donate to the mujaahideen who are fighting for the sake of Allaah? 109326 - Should he pay for his poor sister to do Hajj or pay off her husband’s debts?