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221331 - Her father smokes surreptitiously during the day in Ramadan, and she does not know what to do 219539 - She broke the fast in Ramadan and she cannot make up those days or feed poor persons instead 185452 - Ruling on the words of one who says “If Ramadan were all year long, there would be fewer evils, and that would have been better” 142577 - How could the Shaytaan appear to the disbelievers in the battle of Badr when he is chained up during Ramadan and the battle was in Ramadan? 188232 - She had an abortion when she got pregnant as a result of zina, and Ramadan has begun, and they told her: Your prayer and fasting are not valid. Is this true? 208210 - The difference between the ruling on swallowing sputum and its effect on the fast, and swallowing a pebble 170701 - The reason why Ramadan changes every year in relation to the Gregorian calendar 184735 - Doing sports and exercise during the day in Ramadan 190395 - They start fasting one day after the people do so and break the fast one day after the people do so 189448 - He cannot do without nose drops in Ramadan 128866 - He did not fast Ramadan and he thought negatively of Allah, may He be exalted 130626 - Is it permissible for one who is observing i‘tikaaf to leave the mosque in order to wake his family up for sahoor, then come back? 106965 - His grandmother is sick and is unconscious; does she have to offer expiation for not fasting? 110407 - Fasting lasts until the sun sets and is not as some of the Shi’ah say 27622 - The ‘iddah of a divorced woman who is pregnant 7848 - Where does Waswaas( bad thoughts) come from in Ramadaan 366 - Breaking the Fast and Maghrib (Sunset) Prayer 1154 - When to Start Ordering the Young to Fast 1160 - He Completed Fasting 30 Days Then Arrived in a Country Still on their 30th day 1155 - Time for Imsaak (Starting the Fast) when the Calendar Times are Different