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Seeing the New Moon

81421 - Prayer and fasting of a prisoner who does not know anything about time 66176 - Is the person who sights the new moon of Ramadaan on his own obliged to fast? 26824 - Who is the person of good character whose statement about sighting the moon may be accepted? 110757 - Was our breaking the fast wrong and do we have to make up the 30th day of Ramadan? 111873 - There is nothing wrong with using modern equipment to sight the moon 106482 - He travelled during Ramadaan to a country where the people started Ramadaan on a different day 50412 - He is living in Germany – should he fast with the European Islamic Society or with Saudi? 70479 - He said: “If tomorrow is Ramadaan, then I will fast” 50522 - They live in Holland – with whom should they start fasting? 37667 - Should they follow the European Council even though they use astronomical calculations? 93432 - They fasted then they went back to their homeland where Ramadaan had not yet begun 1248 - Do different times of moonrise matter, and what should Muslim communities in the West do 67895 - Can he break the fast following Saudi when the people of his country are still fasting? 12660 - It is not permissible to differ from the people of the city with regard to fasting and Eid 26813 - They found out during the day that Ramadan had begun, so they fasted 1584 - Is it necessary for every single Muslim to see the new moon of Ramadaan? 1602 - We should rely on sighting of the moon, not on calculations 2511 - Can Muslims living in Western countries form committees to sight the moon? 1456 - Is there a certain length of time that the new moon has to be in the sky? 1245 - It is permissible to use telescopes etc., but not calculations, to sight the new moon