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Fast of those who are exempted

232009 - What should the Muslims who are prevented from fasting by the Chinese government do? 222507 - They put him under anaesthetic when he was fasting, then make him inhale something to wake him up 205907 - She is breastfeeding two babies and is afraid that they will be harmed because of fasting 208441 - He did not fast because of sickness for which there is no hope of a cure, then he became able to fast 141036 - He works as a bus driver; is it permissible for him not to fast? 153517 - Can he work at night and not fast by day because of taking medicine? 106464 - Her nifaas (post-partum bleeding) came back when she was fasting 153109 - She has fibroids and bleeds all month; how should she pray and fast? 153679 - He has a kidney disease and the doctor advised him not to fast 130647 - His mother died owing the fasts of two Ramadans 45885 - If a woman makes a mistake about when she becomes pure following menstruation, is she sinning? 130290 - There is nothing wrong with giving food and drink to a mentally impaired person during the day in Ramadan 106466 - He has tuberculosis and the doctors have advised him not to fast for five years 21589 - Ruling on the fast of a pregnant woman who is affected by fasting 45564 - If a woman miscarries after two months of pregnancy, is her bleeding regarded as nifaas? 139252 - Getting Children Accustomed to Fasting 60296 - Breaking the fast in Ramadaan because of exams 105706 - He did ‘umrah during the day in Ramadaan and felt tired and exhausted so he broke his fast 37752 - The discharge which is passed continuously by a woman does not have any effect on the fast 93240 - Not fasting because of military parades and marches, and because of the fear of dying