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Fast of those who are exempted

37752 - The discharge which is passed continuously by a woman does not have any effect on the fast 93240 - Not fasting because of military parades and marches, and because of the fear of dying 10052 - When can a menstruating woman fast? 66242 - He works as a diver – how can he fast when water may enter his throat? 43772 - Can he break the fast because his work is too hard? 65803 - Is it permissible for him to break his fast because his work is difficult? 65670 - Can a woman whose fast is broken because of menstruation in Ramadaan eat? 50762 - If a pregnant woman feels a bit tired can she break her fast? 49671 - Her period comes twice a month – should she stop praying and fasting each time? 50008 - Is it better for her to break her fast so she can breastfeed her child or to stop breastfeeding so she can fast? 50005 - Ruling on fasting for pregnant women and breastfeeding mothers 49617 - She did not make up the days when she had her period and now she cannot fast 12407 - He works for the military– is it permissible for him not to fast in Ramadaan? 12483 - The hadeeth “Whoever fasts will have one reward and whoever breaks his fast will have two rewards” 37730 - A new Muslim wants to fast in secret 37684 - Fasting of one who loses consciousness 37784 - When is the bleeding following an abortion regarded as nifaas? 37940 - A teacher breaking his fast so that he can keep his voice loud 12592 - They work in difficult jobs such as smelting metals 37968 - Is it permissible for one who is observing i’tikaaf to go out of the mosque?