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Things which invalidate the fast

221453 - Can she kiss her female friend on the cheek when she is fasting? 221270 - He used to invalidate his fast several years ago, and he does not know the number of days on which he broke his fast 221927 - He is not sure whether what came out of him whilst he was fasting was madhiy or maniy 222234 - He masturbated during the day in Ramadan in order to provide a sample of semen for testing in the case of infertility; what are the consequences of that action? 223736 - He was fasting and he told someone that he was not fasting; what is the ruling on his fast? 221931 - She is menstruating and is asking him to touch her private part when he is fasting 221471 - If a person is aware that masturbation is haraam, but is unaware that it invalidates the fast, does he break the fast if he masturbates during the day in Ramadan? 221935 - She drank something because she forgot that she was fasting, and her mother told her that she had broken a fast, so she broke the fast, then she made up that day; does she have to do anything further? 222507 - They put him under anaesthetic when he was fasting, then make him inhale something to wake him up 221126 - She broke the Ramadan fast because of a relationship between her and a young man; what must she do? 221231 - If he kisses his wife whilst fasting and emits maniy, he has invalidated his fast and must make it up 222005 - He works in a salt factory, and cannot help inhaling salt dust whilst fasting 222113 - Whoever voluntarily swallows food remnants that are caught between his teeth, or swallows some of the water he uses to rinse out his mouth whilst doing wudoo’, has broken the fast 221820 - Postnasal drip in the case of sinusitis does not affect the validity of the fast 189853 - Her husband had intercourse with her during the day in Ramadan, then after that her menses came; does she have to offer expiation as he does? 207243 - He woke up during the day in Ramadan and found that he was emitting maniy (semen), and he does not know whether it was a wet dream or masturbation; what is the ruling on his fast? 194641 - Is the fast broken if a person thinks about breaking it or wishes that he was not fasting? 200686 - Ruling on inserting a finger into the rectum to deal with constipation; does that affect the fast? 200640 - He imitated the voice of the mu’adhdhin during Ramadan and his family broke their fast early, then he regretted it; what should he do? 207701 - Does using ointment inserted into the anus break the fast?