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Things which invalidate the fast

189853 - Her husband had intercourse with her during the day in Ramadan, then after that her menses came; does she have to offer expiation as he does? 207243 - He woke up during the day in Ramadan and found that he was emitting maniy (semen), and he does not know whether it was a wet dream or masturbation; what is the ruling on his fast? 194641 - Is the fast broken if a person thinks about breaking it or wishes that he was not fasting? 200686 - Ruling on inserting a finger into the rectum to deal with constipation; does that affect the fast? 200640 - He imitated the voice of the mu’adhdhin during Ramadan and his family broke their fast early, then he regretted it; what should he do? 207701 - Does using ointment inserted into the anus break the fast? 22199 - Ruling on eye drops for one who is fasting 190113 - If penetration occurs during the day in Ramadan, the fast is invalidated according to scholarly consensus, regardless of whether ejaculation occurs 124608 - When should one stop eating and drinking? And what is the ruling on one who has the vessel in his hand when hearing the adhaan? 93821 - Fasting person inhaling steam 174793 - Is the fast invalidated if pus comes out of the body? 49752 - Emission of madhiy does not invalidate the fast 38543 - He ate after dawn by mistake 9245 - Is fasting invalidated by a coma? 14225 - Delaying ghusl from janaabah in Ramadaan until the sun has risen does not invalidate the fast 160569 - Does thinking that leads to ejaculation invalidate the fast? 66155 - The muezzin gave the adhaan seven minutes before the proper time and they broke their fast 37877 - Do major sins invalidate the fast? 156864 - Ruling on fasting for one who is forced to masturbate 78375 - Correspondence between the sexes and its effect on the fast