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Things which invalidate the fast

129903 - Effect of bleeding in the mouth on the fast 124205 - Does having a gastroscopy invalidate the fast? 123493 - Having an ultrasound to examine the ovaries during the day in Ramadan 115155 - She kissed a small child and is not sure whether she swallowed some of his saliva 78479 - If he swallows bits of his skin, does that invalidate his fast? 124290 - He had intercourse with his wife when the muezzin was giving the call to Fajr prayer 93531 - Ruling on nose drops for one who is fasting 106486 - He had a nosebleed whilst he was fasting 79178 - He was told that having an injection breaks the fast so he broke his fast and made it up later on. What should he do? 108926 - by hitting or shouting at students? 65893 - He is suffering from waswaas and fears that his fast may be invalidated because of snuffing water up into the nostrils 106531 - If he breaks the fast by eating during the day in Ramadaan so that he can have intercourse with his wife then he has to offer the expiation 38023 - Things that invalidate the fast 110086 - The one who engaged in foreplay with his wife until he ejaculated has to make up the fast but he does not have to offer expiation 93769 - Emission of maniy without desire does not invalidate the fast 105467 - Fasting person swallowing food remnants in his mouth 124200 - Do sublingual medications (those that are placed under the tongue to dissolve and be absorbed by the body) break the fast? 124202 - Ruling on using nasal sprays when fasting 48975 - If a fasting person travels during the day, he is allowed to break his fast 40664 - Practising the secret habit (masturbation) in Ramadaan without ejaculating