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Things which invalidate the fast

38287 - A trick to have intercourse during the day in Ramadaan by breaking the fast beforehand 82033 - He declared that he was an apostate in order to avoid having to offer expiation, then he repented and regretted it 66242 - He works as a diver – how can he fast when water may enter his throat? 66888 - Is his fasting invalidated if he uncovers his ‘awrah and others see it? 66803 - He agrees with the opinion of Ibn Hazm about intimacy. Is it permissible for his wife to engage in foreplay with him when he is fasting? 65734 - Ruling on swimming when fasting 65749 - His vacation is in Ramadaan – what is the solution? 66144 - He is asking about the sites for cupping 67777 - She did an operation during Ramadaan and bled for several days 65693 - Using contact lenses after putting them in a cleaning solution does not affect the fast 66079 - Ruling on one who inhales the smell of food deliberately 65698 - Engaged couple exchanging affectionate words and actions, and the effect that has on fasting 59863 - Ruling on having an inoculation for hepatitis during the day in Ramadaan 50452 - Ruling on one who has intercourse with his wife in her back passage during the day in Ramadaan 22844 - Ruling on eating suhoor whilst the muezzin is giving the call to prayer 50784 - Does shaving the beard invalidate the fast? 49686 - He is a sportsman – can he take hormones at suhoor time? 49994 - Diagnostic imaging of women by men and its relationship to fasting and touching 49727 - Spouses want to carry out artificial insemination during Ramadaan 40696 - Is acid reflux one of the things that invalidate the fast?