111784 - Benefit of stipulating a condition [about exiting ihram] when entering ihram 144884 - He is travelling from Riyadh to his family in the south, then he will enter ihram from their miqaat 20465 - If a woman who is doing ‘Umrah gets her period, she should wait until she becomes pure 111888 - Some people insist on praying the two rak’ahs of tawaaf behind Maqaam Ibraaheem even on days when it is crowded 82027 - Is the udhiyah obligatory for the pilgrim doing Hajj? 96644 - Is it prescribed for the pilgrim to offer an udhiyah? 142234 - Delegating someone to perform ‘umrah on behalf of the deceased 95782 - The difference between Hajj and sitting after Fajr for which there is a reward equal to a completed Hajj 106590 - He did all the actions of Hajj except tawaaf al-ifaadah, then he died. Can tawaaf be done on his behalf? 106597 - The age that the animal should have reached for hadiy and udhiyah 109361 - Ruling on hunting birds during the sacred months or in the sanctuary (al-Haram) 106571 - Is there a specific garment for ihram? 109350 - The reason why the pilgrim in ihram takes off his ordinary clothes 109319 - Is it permissible to donate the reward of tawaaf to another person? 109313 - It is permissible to do ‘Umrah at any time of the year 106593 - Ibraaheem’s proclamation of Hajj 106609 - The importance of Makkah for the Muslims 109297 - He vowed to take his mother for ‘Umrah on the day of Eid; can he take her for ‘umrah in Ramadan? 120771 - He died without doing Hajj and someone did Hajj on his behalf with funds from his estate before it was found out that he had an heir 128712 - She did ‘umrah and did not complete saa’i, then she did ‘umrah several times after that