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122973 - If he came from Egypt to visit his father in ad-Dammaam, and was intending to perform ‘Umrah, from where should he enter ihram? 126662 - Specifying the name of the person on whose behalf the sacrifice is being offered 201024 - It is permissible to circumambulate the Ka‘bah (tawaaf) at any time, day or night 112877 - He is asking about the cost of the fidyah for removing hair 126637 - He came from Egypt to Jeddah for work during Hajj season, then he was given permission to do Hajj, so he entered ihram from Jeddah 117168 - If he does Hajj on behalf of his deceased brother, will that be expiation for him? 6830 - He wants to do Hajj first and his father wants him to get married first 173723 - After performing Hajj, is the Muslim guaranteed forgiveness of his sins or should he still feel worried and anxious? 119134 - What must be done by one who spoils ‘Umrah by having intercourse 126707 - If the people around him are reciting the Talbiyah in unison, should he remain silent? 109177 - Why did the Rightly Guided Caliphs switch from tamattu ‘ to ifraad (in Hajj)? 83025 - She is not sure whether she was taahir when she did tawaaf al-ifaadah. What does she have to do now? 122819 - Stipulating a condition [about exiting ihram] in Hajj and ‘Umrah for one who is afraid that her menses may come 161709 - Ruling on doing tawaaf wearing shoes 111784 - Benefit of stipulating a condition [about exiting ihram] when entering ihram 144884 - He is travelling from Riyadh to his family in the south, then he will enter ihram from their miqaat 20465 - If a woman who is doing ‘Umrah gets her period, she should wait until she becomes pure 111888 - Some people insist on praying the two rak’ahs of tawaaf behind Maqaam Ibraaheem even on days when it is crowded 82027 - Is the udhiyah obligatory for the pilgrim doing Hajj? 96644 - Is it prescribed for the pilgrim to offer an udhiyah?