97795 - He did the farewell tawaaf then he stayed overnight in Makkah and prayed Jumu’ah there 104926 - What is meant by ‘umrah in Ramadaan being equivalent to Hajj 110902 - Doing Hajj with money he earned by working in a company that produces tobacco 118085 - He works as a collector for an electricity company. Is it permissible for him to change the currency before giving the collected money to the company? 106598 - Types of tawaaf around the Ka’bah 109271 - He did Hajj then he stopped praying; should he do Hajj again? 109321 - Is it permissible to do ‘umrah more than once in a year? 109270 - Repeating Hajj 109291 - When was Hajj made obligatory? 109315 - Kissing the Ka’bah is not prescribed in sharee’ah 106318 - Greeting the Sacred Mosque 104178 - He interrupted his ‘umrah and completed it several years later. What does he have to do with regard to the things that are forbidden whilst in ihraam? 95439 - If he repeats ‘Umrah but he does not have any hair to shave, what should he do? 36737 - If a person is wearing two layers of khufoof or socks, which one should he wipe over? 40825 - He masturbated whilst in ihraam 21617 - “Labbayk Allaahumma labbayk” – what does it mean? 21645 - Ruling on the farewell tawaaf for the disabled and for menstruating women 1983 - Is there a specific number of times that one should visit Makkah? 369 - It is Sunnah to acknowledge the Black Stone after performing two rak’ahs of Tawaaf and before performing al-Saa’iee 81 - Interruption of tawaaf or sa'I