108340 - His wife is breastfeeding; should he delay Hajj until next year? 111794 - Guidelines and rulings on Hajj al-badal (proxy Hajj) 114534 - Which should he give priority to – ‘Umrah or paying off his debt? 146390 - Should he perform the obligatory Hajj or give the money in charity to his neighbour who is poor? 170799 - Can he delay Hajj because his wife is sick? 5261 - What constitutes being able to go for Hajj? 158847 - He wants to use the student bursary to go for Hajj 11771 - Ruling on performing Hajj before paying off debts 25841 - She wants to go for ‘umrah but she does not have a mahram 105452 - Providing accommodation takes precedence over Hajj 143270 - He wants to do Hajj using money that he received from jama‘iyyah with his friends 144550 - Should he do Hajj on behalf of his deceased father who did Hajj, or on behalf of his elderly mother who has not yet done Hajj? 130420 - Can he do Hajj when he owes debts that he is able to pay off? 106591 - He entered ihraam for Hajj but was prevented from entering Makkah 83720 - Can a female doctor travel with a Hajj group, without a mahram? 111788 - He is banned from travelling outside his country; can he delegate someone to perform Hajj on his behalf? 111789 - Her father will not let her go for Hajj – can she delegate someone to perform Hajj on her behalf? 109333 - Does a rich husband have to sponsor his wife’s Hajj? 109334 - Does he have to take money from his capital that he needs in order to do Hajj? 109324 - Should he do Hajj on behalf of his father who does not have any money with which to perform Hajj?