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Things which are not allowed in Ihraam

213719 - What should a person do if he committed the secret habit twice after the first stage of exiting ihram in Hajj? 203870 - He wants to do ‘umrah and has some questions about ihram 212827 - What is the ruling on putting cream on the thighs to prevent chafing when in ihram? 175014 - Is it permissible for a woman in ihram to put something under her khimaar (head cover) and let it fall over her face? 159304 - He had intercourse with his wife after the first stage of exiting ihram and before doing tawaaf al-ifaadah 214768 - Ruling on wearing ordinary clothing over the izaar and rida’ [ihram garments] before starting the rituals 120714 - He stayed in Makkah for six months after Hajj, then he went to Madinah; does he have to do tawaaf al-wadaa‘ (farewell tawaaf)? 194704 - He put on perfume after doing ghusl and donning the ihram garments; what should he do? 112507 - Combing the hair for a woman in ihram 215055 - He halted in Muzdalifah and did not complete the rituals of Hajj 172289 - She covered her face during ‘Umrah due to lack of knowledge; what does she have to do? 109335 - It is not permissible to perfume the ihram garments 109172 - What is the ruling on the muhrim (pilgrim in ihram) using scented tissues? 131005 - He put on scented antiperspirant during ihram because he was unaware of the ruling 106561 - Is it permissible for the muhrim to wear a surgical truss? 49029 - He did not complete the tawaaf of ‘Umrah and he is doing Hajj tamattu’ 49027 - He is asking about the choices given with regard to the fidyah (ransom) 44833 - He committed the secret habit during the nights of Mina when on Hajj 20870 - He got sick and was not able to put on the ihraam garments 21237 - Why do the pilgrims wear those clothes?