Things which are not allowed in Ihraam

172289 - She covered her face during ‘Umrah due to lack of knowledge; what does she have to do? 109335 - It is not permissible to perfume the ihram garments 109172 - What is the ruling on the muhrim (pilgrim in ihram) using scented tissues? 131005 - He put on scented antiperspirant during ihram because he was unaware of the ruling 106561 - Is it permissible for the muhrim to wear a surgical truss? 49029 - He did not complete the tawaaf of ‘Umrah and he is doing Hajj tamattu’ 49027 - He is asking about the choices given with regard to the fidyah (ransom) 44833 - He committed the secret habit during the nights of Mina when on Hajj 20870 - He got sick and was not able to put on the ihraam garments 21237 - Why do the pilgrims wear those clothes? 106560 - Is it permissible for the pilgrim in ihram to wear a mask? 109358 - Ruling on pilgrim in ihram using perfumed soap 106570 - Can the pilgrim in ihram clean himself with soap and shampoo? 109362 - Ruling on holding ihram together with pins 106562 - Is it permissible for the muhrim (pilgrim in ihram) to cover his head when sleeping? 11013 - Is it haraam to put a bag over the private parts of someone who suffers from incontinence? 93234 - Pilgrim in ihraam sleeping in the same bed as his wife and touching her without desire 4182 - She wore niqaab during Hajj; is there any sin on her? 112017 - Pilgrim in ihraam for Hajj or ‘Umrah drinking coffee containing saffron 49033 - He cannot wear the ihraam garments – can he enter ihraam in his own clothes?