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13024 - You do not have to offer kafaarah (expiation) if you did not swear an oath 105375 - Ruling on swearing by the right of Qur’aan 32724 - He vowed to give 100,000 riyals in charity. Should he fulfil his vow? 36734 - He has the habit of swearing by Allaah whether he is telling the truth or not. How can he expiate for these oaths? 105385 - A vow in intention only does not have to be fulfilled 124274 - Ruling on offering expiation for breaking an oath (kafaarat yameen) in the form of money 122729 - Swearing by the life of Allaah is permissible 110010 - She said to her husband: You are haraam to me until the Day of Judgement 108862 - How should he offer expiation for his oath? 119562 - He vowed to offer an ‘aqeeqah for his son, but he was unable to fulfil his vow; what must he do? 92780 - He vowed to fast Rajab, Sha’baan and Ramadaan, but he cannot do so because of his work 112403 - She fasted to expiate for breaking an oath, and she did not know that she should have fed poor people 112138 - She vowed to memorize Soorat Yoosuf and she did memorize it, but now she has forgotten some of the verses 110250 - It is not permissible to expiate for a broken oath by fasting unless you are unable to feed or clothe needy people or to free a slave 105286 - She vowed to fast seven consecutive days if she passed her exams 40441 - Zihar by Wife 105312 - He vowed to fast for a month; can he fast thirty days separately? 97919 - He vowed that he would not get married until his mother memorized a portion of Qur’aan, but it is very difficult for her 105313 - He vowed to build a mosque but now he wants to sell the land 103424 - He swore oaths repeatedly and broke them; should he offer one expiation or several?