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82667 - If a person vows to offer a sacrifice for the poor, can he eat some of it? 60316 - Is it permissible to swear a false oath in order to reconcile between two disputing parties? 69907 - She vowed to give her jewellery in charity – can she give it to her sisters? 67886 - She vowed to give all her wealth in charity but she owes zakaah. What should she do? 65694 - He vowed to break the fast in Ramadaan 44679 - She vowed to do Hajj but she has not done the obligatory Hajj 50629 - He vowed to marry a certain girl then he did not fulfil his vow 46827 - Is it permissible to give money instead of a vow, ‘aqeeqah or waleemah? 36749 - He owes many expiations for breaking oaths (kafaarat yameen) but he does not know what some of them are 40461 - He owes many expiations for breaking oaths (kafaarat yameen), and he does not know how to do it 44874 - If he fulfils his vow, is it permissible for him to eat from it? 12700 - The days do not have to be consecutive when fasting for kafaarat al-yameen 32706 - She said to her husband: “You are to me like my father” 20881 - Can he pay money for kafaarat al-yameen because nowadays it is more beneficial than food? 12528 - She promised her husband that she would never marry anyone after him 21848 - She vowed to fast for a month, should she make up the days when she was menstruating? 21350 - Is it permissible to change a vowed action to something better? 13788 - For kafaarat yameen it is not sufficient to feed one poor person ten times 6262 - He said, “May the curse of Allaah be upon me if I smoke another cigarette” then he smoked again 47738 - He promised Allaah that he would give up the secret habit then he did it again. What does he have to do?