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46868 - The number of expiations depends on the number of oaths 43396 - He vowed to fast every Monday and Thursday but he did not fast for several years 45676 - What is kafaarat yameen in detail? 36445 - She made several vows but then forgot them 27303 - He made a vow if a certain thing happened and it did not happen; and the punishment for not fulfilling a vow 42178 - Punishment for not fulfilling vows 34501 - Swearing by something other than Allaah, such as one’s father or leader, or on one’s honour and status 20419 - She made a promise to her Lord and wants to break it 42334 - She swore not to disclose a secret then she forgot and disclosed it by accident 34730 - He swore oaths adjuring his children not to do certain things and the oaths were broken, but he has not offered expiation 34699 - She swore that she would not go to a city then she went there 38934 - He made a promise to Allaah to give up sin several times but he went back to it 20661 - Is Vowing Part of Repentance? 26870 - Swearing an oath by raising the hand – is it considered to be an oath? 27057 - She made a vow and does not remember if she intended it to be ongoing or to be done only once 21833 - Is there any kafaarah (expiation) for a vow to commit sin? 21892 - Praise your Lord for His guidance 9985 - His mother swore that she would never give him money, then she wanted to give him 9943 - The amount of kafaarat al-yameen (expiation for unfulfilled oath) and the ruling on paying it in cash 10027 - A man made a vow when he was not in control of his feelings