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192454 - Can the pilgrim remove something from his hair if he wants to offer an udhiyah? 192149 - Does haraam wealth affect the acceptance of the sacrifice (udhiyah) if it was bought by a group, some of whose wealth is haraam? 159645 - Ruling on one who offers an udhiyah but does not pray 160395 - Guidelines on the definition of the household for which one udhiyah is sufficient 180503 - Is it permissible to give meat from the udhiyah to a non-Muslim neighbour? 192308 - Is it permissible for the one who is going to offer an udhiyah to remove any of his hair before offering the udhiyah, if he has a legitimate excuse? 41899 - How old should the sacrificial animal be? 70291 - Who is obliged to offer the udhiyah (sacrifice)? Is being male one of the conditions? 36706 - Udhiyah for the deceased 36733 - What should one say when slaughtering the udhiyah? 36432 - Definition of udhiyah and ruling thereon 36755 - Conditions of udhiyah 175475 - Slaughtering the udhiyah in another country 127160 - He wants to donate his udhiyah so that his wife and children can travel 110665 - Collecting the skins of the sacrificial animals, selling them and giving the price in charity 36376 - Is it permissible to give a kaafir any of the udhiyah meat? 45767 - The best animals to be sacrificed are camels, then cows, then sheep, then to share in a sacrifice 41696 - Should he take out a loan in order to buy the udhiyah (sacrificial animal)? 109340 - Should the one who is slaughtering the sacrifice utter the intention at the time of slaughter? 96816 - Slaughtering the sacrifice is better than giving its price in charity