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Slaughtering according to sharee’ah

235020 - He is asking about the reason for the difference of opinion among the scholars about saying the name of Allah at the time of slaughter 60046 - Ruling on meat slaughtered by the Shi‘ah (Raafidis) 129231 - Is there a specific age at which animals may be slaughtered? 177306 - Ruling on working in a slaughterhouse in which the sheep are stunned with electric shocks, to be eaten by non-Muslims 172296 - How is “Bismillah” to be said when slaughtering chickens with modern mechanical devices? 153936 - Does the meat of a slaughtered animal become haraam if it is slaughtered in front of another animal? 70278 - Can we eat meat slaughtered by one who does not pray? 70517 - She works in a private school and serves meat to children and does not know the ruling on this 69917 - His sacrificial animal fell and he slaughtered it before it died; does it still count as a sacrifice? 85669 - Condition of saying Bismillaah in order for meat to be halaal 72205 - Meat slaughtered by one who is junub or menstruating 52800 - Can he buy meat from a non-Muslim butcher who says that it is halaal? 40216 - What is the ruling on eating local chickens when one does not know how they were slaughtered? 22341 - The reason why it is forbidden to eat meat without draining the blood 13223 - Meat slaughtered by a mute person 10536 - Eating meat slaughtered by a person who has moved from one kaafir religion to another kaafir religion 5246 - Workers in the abattoir are followers of a number of religions 10236 - Thrown into boiling water when they are still moving after being slaughtered 7619 - Leaving blood in the animal after slaughter 1553 - A slaughter-house in which some of the workers do not pray