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Funerals and rulings on graves

185515 - Her daughter died by drowning – is she in Paradise? In what level of Paradise will she be? Is she aware of her mother? 201085 - The Islamically prescribed manner of washing the deceased 212022 - Is it prescribed to bury animals when they die? 201751 - What should a person do if he feels that his death is approaching? 216095 - What is the ruling on working as a gardener in a Christian graveyard? 197749 - Stages of trials for the deceased in his grave and du‘aa’ for him at that time 164215 - According to Islamic custom, the night belongs to the day that follows it 180876 - Does a person feel that his time is approaching before he dies? 215016 - What is the ruling on people gathering to receive condolences? 203334 - Ruling on burying the dead in a large underground chamber in which they are placed next to one another 205629 - Darkening or changes in the face because of death or because of terminal illness are not indicative of a bad end 157925 - Can the husband wash his wife if she died before consummation of the marriage? 155045 - Ruling on one of the spouses washing the other after death 154381 - She died during the ‘iddah following divorce; can her husband wash her? 159381 - His imam said three takbeers in the funeral prayer, and forgot the fourth; should he follow him? 154650 - The Sunnah of raising the hands when saying takbeer in the janaazah (funeral) prayer 153366 - Who is most entitled to lead the funeral prayer over the deceased? 184629 - Is having a nosebleed as death approaches a sign of a good end? 157920 - Is it prescribed to offer condolences to a Muslim for loss of his wealth? 171744 - Ruling on covering the bier of the deceased