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Funerals and rulings on graves

162515 - Is it prescribed to call people for the funeral prayer? 161736 - Ruling on raising the hands when offering supplication (du‘aa’) after burying the deceased 155975 - It is mustahabb to remove the deceased’s clothes when washing him 174715 - Ruling on congregational du‘aa’ for the deceased and paying the imam for reciting the du‘aa’ 162565 - Where should the imam stand in relation to the deceased in the funeral prayer? 178583 - Should the hair of the deceased man be put into three braids, as is done for a woman? 163630 - Is it permissible to bury the deceased in his house? 147407 - Wailing and visiting graves 174755 - To whom should condolences be offered among the family of the deceased? 174753 - Visiting the graves on Fridays for one who cannot do so on any other day 174737 - Ruling on writing the name on the grave in case of necessity 174754 - Can the washing of the deceased be attended by one who does not need to be there? 166861 - Ruling on placing biers in front of the worshippers during an obligatory prayer 153492 - What are the cases in which the funeral prayer cannot to be offered for the deceased? 146927 - Is there any special virtue in dying and being buried in Makkah or Madinah? 138554 - Ruling on one who dies and it is not known whether he was a Muslim or a kaafir 36513 - Reading Qur’aan at the grave 151904 - If a person dies by burning is he regarded as a martyr? 146221 - Is it permissible to play a part in establishing a venue for condolence gatherings and other occasions? 20435 - Ruling on reciting al-Faatihah during the Janaazah prayer