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Funerals and rulings on graves

31139 - Description of the du’aa’ for the deceased in the Janaazah prayer 148214 - Ruling on being hired to transport the coffin of a kaafir to the church and the graveyard 36826 - Exhorting the dying person to say Laa ilaaha ill-Allaah 145203 - Does a person who died of cancer as a result of smoking attain the status of a martyr? 39201 - Perfuming the deceased and applying bukhoor to the shroud for men and women 153305 - Is it permissible to do a Caesarian for a woman who has died but there is a living foetus in her womb? 44039 - Funeral expenses – shrouding, burial and washing 145532 - Attending the funeral of a non-Muslim relative in the church 45669 - Is a person who dies as the result of being struck by a car regarded as a martyr? 43079 - Ruling on cleaning the teeth of the deceased with miswaak 113939 - Increased Deaths in the Month of Sha’ban 43164 - Praying for kaafirs to be guided 45617 - Is it permissible to pray for one who committed suicide? 48971 - Raising the voice during a funeral 48958 - It is not prescribed to put palm-leaf stalks or flowers on graves 48977 - Should prayer for the deceased at the grave be offered together? 48959 - It is not permissible to uncover the face of the deceased after he has placed in the grave 22502 - The kinds of death announcements that are allowed and the kinds that are not allowed 13988 - Ruling on offering condolences and thanking people for condolences in newspapers and magazines 13490 - Praying at graves and the conditions of intercession