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Funerals and rulings on graves

148735 - Is the one who dies in a car accident a martyr (shaheed)? 34609 - Who is the one who should lower the deceased into the grave? 13762 - Should the shaheed be washed and shrouded? 141084 - Is it permissible to remove the bones of the deceased from the grave in order to bury someone else in it? 129100 - Offering the funeral prayer over the grave when visiting it 69827 - What is the shar‘i wording of the will? 130919 - It is haraam to build anything over graves 130887 - It is haraam to bury the dead inside mosques 21870 - Is it essential to be present at the moment a person dies, and what should those who are present do? 47488 - Ruling on wearing black in mourning for the dead 129609 - Is it permissible to be paid for washing the deceased? 127942 - It is permissible for a woman to mourn for someone other than her husband for three days 127296 - Can the funeral prayer be offered for one who did not pray? 14522 - Ruling on women praying the janaazah (funeral) prayer 12552 - The forty-day anniversary is a Pharaonic custom 12193 - Is there a reward for preparing the deceased for burial? 105381 - Offering condolences to a non-Muslim on the death of a relative 105369 - Untying the knots and exposing the face of the deceased when burying him 105355 - After burial, should supplication be offered for the deceased sitting or standing? 127301 - His friend became an atheist then he died. Can he offer the funeral prayer for him and say du’aa’ for him?