Funerals and rulings on graves

105354 - How to offer the funeral prayer over more than one grave 13699 - Competing to carry the bier 105364 - Burying innovators in the graveyards of Ahl al-Sunnah 14069 - A man doing ghusl for a woman from among his mahrams other than his wife 105372 - Ruling on giving clothing or money to the family of the deceased instead of giving them food 126415 - Permissibility of announcing death in chat rooms for the purpose of receiving condolences 34561 - Salutations at graves 36812 - It is haraam for women to visit the grave of the Prophet (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him) 33634 - The grave is not the final resting place 109187 - Bid’ah of reciting Laa ilaaha ill-Allaah when following a funeral procession 105370 - Ruling on reading Qur’aan over graves, and saying du’aa’ for oneself at the graveside 112001 - He wants to allocate part of his wealth as a waqf for all the Muslims 105376 - What is the ruling on giving the adhaan at the graveside? 121212 - Ruling on one who gives charity and zakaah only with the aim of making his wealth grow 105363 - Sprinkling the grave with water after burial 106423 - Ruling on offering the funeral prayer in the mosque 82026 - If a doctor does an abortion, does he have to pay diyah (blood money) and offer expiation? 106445 - Ruling on walking in the graveyard wearing shoes 97389 - Organizing a gathering to remember the deceased 105817 - Covering the grave of a woman when she is placed in it