Funerals and rulings on graves

103880 - The lahd (niche) and shaqq (trench) in the grave 103425 - Opening du’aa’ in the funeral prayer 102322 - Distributing tapes as an act of charity on behalf of the deceased 13983 - Son doing ghusl for his mother after she passed away 98308 - Shrouding the deceased in a chemise 97098 - One who dies when he is junub 98189 - How a woman is to be shrouded 89642 - Ruling on customs and traditions that go against sharee’ah or cause embarrassment 98408 - If there is no Muslim graveyard or there is one but it is too expensive, where should the Muslim be buried? 96667 - Is it permissible to bury the husband with his wife in one grave? 93858 - Is it permissible to face the grave when making du’aa’ for its occupant? 82357 - Ruling on eulogizing the dead 82183 - Reminders in condolence gatherings 90004 - Putting plastic over the shroud to stop a foul odour 83856 - A woman who dies in childbirth is a martyr but she should be washed and the funeral prayer should be offered for her 93015 - If a person dies due to failure of his digestive system then he is a shaheed (martyr) 67113 - Can they offer the funeral prayer over one who did not pray for fear of fitnah that may result if they do not do it? 22271 - Washing one who died in an accident and whose body has been cut 88141 - Family of the deceased standing in a row in the graveyard to receive condolences 90030 - Offering the funeral prayer for the deceased several years after the burial