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Funerals and rulings on graves

22271 - Washing one who died in an accident and whose body has been cut 88141 - Family of the deceased standing in a row in the graveyard to receive condolences 90030 - Offering the funeral prayer for the deceased several years after the burial 82184 - Is it permissible to buy land so that he may be buried in it when he dies? 35853 - Ruling on offering the funeral prayer in absentia 36830 - Ruling on those who drowned in the Egyptian ferry, and offering the funeral prayer for them 72201 - Reciting Soorat Yaa-seen for the dying person 72303 - Shrouding the martyr 66998 - Is it permissible for a woman to observe i’tikaaf on behalf of her deceased parents? 71161 - Rulings on miscarried foetus 69931 - What is meant by the deceased being tormented because of his family’s crying for him? 70363 - Ruling on suicide and on offering the funeral prayer and praying for one who has committed suicide 67804 - If he attends a funeral without offering the prayer, will he still get a qiraat of reward? 67576 - Can he avoid attending the funeral of a person who was known to be hard-hearted and cruel? 60008 - Types of death announcements and the rulings thereon 41959 - Ruling on making death announcements from mosque minarets via loudspeaker 47902 - What it is Sunnah to say at the burial 14370 - It is not allowed to plant trees on graves 22486 - If one misses some of the takbeers of the funeral prayer 22890 - When is it prescribed to offer the funeral prayer in absentia?