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Islamic Endowments

141395 - Ruling on using a bus belonging to a Qur’an memorisation school for other charitable purposes that are not connected to it 131590 - How should he handle his wealth and how can he make a profit without incurring the wrath of Allah? 197517 - It is not valid to make a waqf of social media pages 201054 - She made a bequest of some money as a contribution to building a mosque; can the executor of the bequest give it to the poor because they are in need? 170589 - Ruling on taking the Mushaf out of the mosque or replacing it with another 152263 - Should the mosque be sold or demolished when the inhabitants leave? 149910 - Is it permissible for her to give money with the intention of zakaah on her own behalf and ongoing charity (sadaqah jaariyah) on behalf of her father? 158131 - It is not permissible to dispose of wealth given as a waqf for the mosque by lending or borrowing 34551 - He died and left behind wealth on which he did not pay zakaah, and interest 26184 - A donor has stipulated a haraam condition for a waqf; do we have to fulfil it? 125092 - Rulings on locals taking some of the Mus-hafs that the state distributes to the pilgrims 42384 - Benefitting the deceased by giving charity on his behalf 22901 - Ruling on a waqf that includes something that is wrong 13045 - If the donor does not specify the amount of the waqf, what should be done? 96636 - She gave her house as a waqf (Islamic endowment) before she died; do the heirs have any right to it? 99694 - No zakaah is due on wealth that is endowed for the public interest 60329 - Is it permissible to lend the books that are in the mosques? 75568 - She lost a charity box that was in her care; should she replace it? 49886 - Is it permissible to move books that have been donated to one mosque as a waqf to another mosque? 52724 - Their father left instructions that a waqf be set up, but they have not carried it out