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200189 - Ruling on disposing of stolen property by selling it and the like, how to repent from that, and how to rid oneself of that liability 226729 - Is it permissible to open current accounts in riba-based banks to make things easier for customers? 233319 - Shopkeepers encroaching on the sidewalks in front of their shops 112090 - Penalty clauses in contracts: when are they valid and when are they not? 205134 - He sold some goods to a trader in his county’s currency, then the value (of that currency) dropped a great deal; in what currency should the price of the goods be paid? 205284 - Do they have the right to declare their father legally incompetent and deny him access to his wealth, because he has grown old and senile, and he squanders the money? 218636 - Is it permissible to give a donation to a college in return for the opportunity to study there? 21290 - Ruling on offering congratulations at the beginning of the Hijri year 192206 - Ruling on dealing in so-called “healing crystals” 131442 - Should he issue papers for someone to show that he owns neglected land that belongs to the state? 125337 - He invented a product and sold it to a middleman to sell it to the company where he works without the company knowing 175453 - Ruling on calling a girl Amirah or Amayah 176836 - He won two movie tickets; is it permissible for him to give them to a non-Muslim? 169795 - The ministry agreed to cancel his grant for university study but has not asked him to return the money he took 165968 - They want to deport him from Australia; can he take money from their companies without their knowledge? 165402 - Ruling on taking assistance from organizations that help students with their studies 162901 - She is not comfortable with the idea of taking assistance from a non-Muslim government for her husband’s parents 40472 - Ruling on fixing TVs and VCRs 46836 - Exchanging torn bank notes for half of their value 140078 - Is it permissible for the lender to benefit from the collateral left with him?