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13262 - When should orphans be given their wealth? 131950 - Ruling on Muslim entering into business partnership with Christians and others 125616 - Is it permissible to buy a house by entering a draw and paying non-refundable fees? 131611 - The government gave them land and their brother paid their fees and took it and some of them agreed to it reluctantly 42950 - Ruling on teaching man-made laws 32503 - Taking more than one’s salary from a company in a kaafir land 126477 - Shar’i analysis of the financial crisis 83052 - He found a CD that belongs to his first wife and it is difficult to give it back to her 106556 - The debtor who is taking too long to repay should pay any costs incurred by the lender in order to retrieve the loan 106438 - Ruling on buying memorabilia of famous people for outrageous sums 108803 - Should he take more than what is owed as compensation for late repayment? 101747 - Transferring money via a riba-based bank or via an individual in return for a fee 20279 - Working as a sales agent 91459 - Is it permissible to rent out a mortgaged house? 84945 - She received a proposal from an engineer who works in a bank – should she accept? 95340 - Poverty and its negative effects, and means of eliminating it in Islam 85195 - Haraam hoarding may include everything that people need 72833 - Doing one’s own work during official work hours 49886 - Is it permissible to move books that have been donated to one mosque as a waqf to another mosque? 41803 - Mixing people’s gold when working it